tou-Gen-kyou GOGO2013 spring

Don't miss it!

tou-Gen-kyo GOGO Show !!!
- May 19 (Sun.) 2013
- May 26 (Sun.) 2013
6:00AM SLT
22:00 JST
[Dress Coad]
wearing underwear or swim suit
Please follow the dress code by all means:))
[The shop which provided clothes and Special thanks]

[Club Ma-ra] tou-Gen-kyo

Welcome to "tou-Gen-kyo"!!

tou-Gen-kyo Spring festival 2013

tou-Gen-kyo Spring festival 2013

HOTDIVE is participating in stamp rally.
It is hair on the chest.
This new item was more improved than the old one.

This product is usually sold after the event end only in tou-Gen-kyo.

tou-Gen-kyo SIM (adult) >> here!

新しい胸毛はスタンプラリー終了後に 以前のものと差し替え、桃源郷限定アイテムとして販売する予定です。


Men Only Hunt 3

The item which HOTDIVE offered is expasion-beared0a/b.

A guitar is hidden in somewhere in shop.
I hope you enjoy searching it ;))